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Electric Corby

Becoming the UK's practical test centre for energy efficient living and low carbon vehicles

Electric Corby is a key part of the growth and regeneration plans which aim to make Corby, Northamptonshire one of the most environmentally and economically sustainable areas in the country. Corby is the fastest growing Borough in the UK, and will double its population to 100,000 by 2030. This rapid house building provides a great opportunity to change the way Corby and Northamptonshire residents live and travel for the better. Corby can become a living R&D centre that will shape Tomorrows World. The initial project includes:

  • EV charging point infrastructure (through Midlands Plugged in Places)

  • Priors Hall Park (5,000 home development) to offer FREE EV’s for one year and smart home energy management

  • Demonstrating and Integrating EVs and renewable energy in logistics operations

Electric Corby recognises that mass EV take-up requires smart thinking on a range of issues that have R&D implications. As such this project will move beyond EV mobility and future transportation and start addressing the shape of future living, including:

  • Grid management

  • Sustainable electricity generation

  • Domestic energy management

  • Industrial energy management

  • Low carbon transport, commercial and retail

We are now selecting partners and supporters to join the founders and to realise our vision of becoming the UK’s practical test centre for energy efficient living and low carbon vehicles.

What could you do in Corby and how could you benefit?

For more information please contact us on 01536 560222 or email